By Erin Morgenstern

Imogen Says: “I’ve read a huge amount of amazing books this year, but from the second I opened The Starless Sea, I knew that this book would steal my heart. A story about stories, it is a love letter to words and books and the magic that weaves between the people who read them and tell them. When Zachary finds an old book in his uni library, he starts to read it, only to find his own memories in the third chapter. This mystery leads him to a masked ball, then to a door – a door that opens to an underground world filled with stories. On books and parchment and in the very air.

But where there are stories, there is danger – and Zachary has to navigate the stories in the Harbor along with his own, to see where they will all end up.

This is a truly stunning book – if you’ve read The Night Circus, you’ll be familiar with Morgenstern’s way of writing, that sucks you in so much you forget that you’re only holding a book (if you haven’t, that’s also a beautiful book!). It’s the type of book that has you blinking as you raise your head from the page, has you looking out for those doors everywhere you look. Honestly, if there’s one book you pick up this season (for yourself or for presents!) make it this one. You won’t be disappointed! ”

The Starless Sea is available in hardback for £16.99.