By Rob Eastaway

A great, engaging, book, both for those with an interest in mathematics and also for readers who would like to feel a bit more confident with numbers. It contains lots of thought-provoking content, including how most of the numbers that quoted to us in the news are, in fact, estimates. The content is also great for sparking an interest in mathematics and debate with secondary school aged children.

How many cats are there in the world? What’s the chance of winning the lottery twice? And just how long does it take to count to a million? Learn how to tackle tricky maths problems with nothing but the back of an envelope, a pencil and some good old-fashioned brain power.

Join Rob Eastaway as he takes an entertaining look at how to figure without a calculator. Packed with amusing anecdotes, quizzes, and handy calculation tips for every situation, Maths on the Back of an Envelope is an invaluable introduction to the art of estimation, and a welcome reminder that sometimes our own brain is the best tool we have to deal with numbers.

Maths on the back of an envelope is available in hardback for £9.99.