By Lonely Planet

Be inspired and empowered by this collection of transformative travel experiences. From sleeping under the stars or learning a new craft, to more ambitious challenges like taking a big trip alone, helping to rebuild a community or saving an endangered species, this is your essential companion to a life well-lived. Each experience in this feel-good bucket list is enriching in some way, whether it’s about forging a stronger connection with the natural world, helping the planet, or better understanding yourself.

From the easily attainable to the aspirational, the variety of goals makes it easy to create a set that’s right for you. Every goal is accompanied by recommendations about where to try it, as well as websites and information to ensure each one is achievable. The life-enhancing goals in this book include: Travelling spontaneously, Embracing the off season, Retracing the steps of history, Being a tourist in your own country, Making a pilgrimage, Having adventures with your children, Learning from indigenous cultures, Spending a night in the jungle, Taking the slow road, Becoming an ocean defender, Embracing your sexuality, Meditating with masters, Taking a big trip alone, Making an epic overland journey, Giving a year of your life to others, Helping a community to rebuild.

Travel Goals is available in hardback for £19.99.