by James Bishop

The Iguana Boy series is great for age seven plus readers. Following the success of the first two books, the final Iguana Boy instalment hit the shelves a few months ago, which sees Dylan once again team up with trusty scaled-sidekick Paul. Can they defeat super villain Mind Bender who has kidnapped all the super heroes? With familiar illustrations by Rikin Parekh, these books are sure to entertain your super-hero fans.

As a local author, together with Mostly Books, James has visited primary schools across Oxfordshire presenting creative workshops, and giving hilarious talks to young children. Exciting alien adventures are due to land in his brand-new material currently being penned.

All Iguana Boy books are available in paperback for £6.99. Get in touch to order your copy.

by Charlie Mackesy

This stunning book is filled from cover to cover with inky illustrations and life affirmations, as a young boy embarks on a journey, befriending a chatty cake-loving mole, a quiet fox and a wise horse.

Perfect for all ages, this book is a beautiful reminder to be kind and gentle with ourselves and others…and to always make time for some cake!

Available in hardback for £16.99. Get in touch to order your copy.

by David Yoon

Frank Li is a Korean-American high-school student whose parents have strict views that their children should only date other Koreans. Frank has already lost his beloved older sister who broke these rules, and now he likes his white classmate, Brit. Facing similar predicaments, and at risk of being ostracised from their families, Frank, and fellow Korean-American, Joy, pretend to date each other to keep their parents happy and hide their real non-Korean love-interests. But with college looming and the lies mounting, how long can they keep up the act?

Available in paperback for £7.99. Get in touch to order your copy.

By David Sedaris

If laugh-out-loud stories of dysfunctional families and the onset of middle-age are your kind of read, then you absolutely need David Sedaris in your life. Loosely based around the lake house that Sedaris buys, and the family gatherings that ensue there, Calypso is a real treat. Inter-mixed with tales of shopping trips in Japan, FitBit obsessions and some mildly illegal backstreet surgery, life with David and the rest of the clan is a hoot.