A Quokka for the Queen


A Quokka for the Queen is a hilarious children’s picture book which teaches the joy of giving and making other people happy.

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This hilarious picture book tells the story of when the Queen gets a Quokka all the way from Australia for her birthday, and this small new arrival helps her discover the joy of giving gifts!

It’s the Queen’s birthday and the last gift to arrive has come all the way from Australia. They say good things come in small packages!

Well this party is about to get wild…  it’s a Quokka for the the Queen! The Quokka quickly makes an impression and the Queen decides to do things differently – with the help of Quokka she decides she will give the presents. Soon they are creating an elaborate gift list for everyone they can think of:

  “What shall we give the chambermaid?” asked the Queen. “A chihuahua for the chambermaid,” said the Quokka. 
   “A chihuahua for the chambermaid, and chipmunks for the chef.”
“Charming,” said the Queen. 

But what present will the Queen give to Quokka?

This incredibly funny and rather silly story is full of the joy of giving presents and making people happy! The text’s witty alliteration coupled with an array of lively characters will amuse readers big and small… and even royalty!

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