A Very Important Teapot



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Dawson is an ordinary bloke who has been out of work for several months and who spends his time at the pub, the rugby club and the local drama group, where he is forlornly pursuing the love of Rachel Whyte. Rachel, however, is infatuated with a solicitor called Pat Bootle, who has recently appeared out of nowhere. Dawson is surprised but delighted when his best friend, Alan Flannery, offers him some unspecified work in Australia. Dawson has no idea what the work entails but the mysterious arrival of a tea service with a code hidden in the teapot lid makes him suspicious. Flannery, actually the head of a minor branch of MI6, has received a memory stick from Sean MacGuffin of Irish Intelligence. It reveals the approximate location of a cache of diamonds stolen by the Nazis. However, MacGuffin had also passed the information to the Russians.