Alfie Fleets Guide To The Universe Martin Howard



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Are you stuck in a holiday rut? Need a change from your usual two weeks in Boredom-on-Sea? Want to explore more far flung destinations but not sure where to start? Well look no further because Alfie Fleet’s Guide to the Universe will show you the best and worst holiday destinations that are literally out of this world! Enjoy a flight around the bird-planet of Winspan, enjoy a cocktail on beautiful planet Blyssss, or rent a giant hollowed-out mushroom to sleep in on planet Nomefulch – the universe is yours for the taking. And if you’re a thrill-seeking adventurer then head for Solstice and join the pirates on a cruise around the planet – but watch out for the hostile mermaids and the strange recluse who inhabits the Isle of Sheds . . . Alfie Fleet and the Professor are on a planet-hopping quest-keep up if you can! More than funny fiction – this story does for travel guides what Wimpy Kid did for diaries and Tom Gates did for doodle books. With amazing illustrations by Chris Mould throughout, this book is a visual feast and will appeal to readers everywhere.