Emotional ignorance


Emotions. They’re a pain, aren’t they? If only we were all a little less emotional and a lot more rational, we wouldn’t get ourselves into half the scrapes we do. But is that a fair synopsis? Are emotions really some form of cognitive appendix that we’d be better off without? Or do they serve a deeper purpose? In ‘The Emotional Brain’, Dean Burnett investigates all these questions – and many more besides. Combining in-depth research with expert analysis, the end result is an account of the science underlying our emotional lives.

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Recommended by the New Scientist.

‘Thoughtful and thought-provoking – you need to read this book’ – Gina Rippon

‘An affecting and illuminating book for anyone who has feelings, and who wants to know why.’ – Katie Mack

Why can’t we think straight when hungry? What’s the point of nightmares? And why is it so impossible to forget embarrassing memories?

Emotions can be a pain. After losing his dad to Covid-19, Dean Burnett found himself wondering what life would be like without them. And so, he decided to put his feelings under the microscope – for science.

In Emotional Ignorance, Dean takes us on an incredible journey of discovery, stretching from the origins of life to the end of the universe. Along the way he reveals:

– why we would ever follow our gut;
– whether things really were better in the old days;
– why doomscrolling is so addictive;
– and how sad music can make us happier.

Combining expert analysis, brilliant humour and powerful insights into the grieving process, Dean uncovers how, far from holding us back, our emotions make us who we are.

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