From Strength to Strength


This work by behavioural scientist and journalist Arthur C. Brooks is based on a feature he wrote for The Atlantic, which has been read over one million times and remains one of the magazine’s most popular articles. This is a happiness strategy for what Brooks sees as our inevitable professional decline, and a way to convert that decline from being a source of regret into an opportunity for growth and transcendence. Early in adulthood, our expectations about the future are two-fold: our happiness will rise, and our professional abilities will increase. Unfortunately, for the majority of us, happiness declines gradually throughout adulthood until its nadir in one’s fifties. The result is an abrupt shock for many people in their fifties: low happiness and professional decline, neither of which is anticipated, and thus for which we have no good strategies.

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The #1 New York Times BestsellerFrom the bestselling author and columnist behind The Atlantic‘s popular “How to Build a Life” series, a guide to transforming the life changes we fear into a source of strength. In the first half of life, ambitious strivers embrace a simple formula for success in work and life: focus single-mindedly, work tirelessly, sacrifice personally, and climb the ladder relentlessly. It works. Until it doesn’t. It turns out the second half of life is governed by different rules. In middle age, many strivers begin to find success coming harder and harder, rewards less satisfying, and family relationships withering. In response, they do what strivers always do: they double down on work in an attempt to outrun decline and weakness, and deny the changes that are becoming more and more obvious. The result is often anger, fear, and disappointment at a time in life that they imagined would be full of joy, fulfillment, and pride. It doesn’t have to be that way. In From Strength to Strength, happiness expert and bestselling author Arthur C. Brooks reveals a path to beating the “striver’s curse.” Drawing on science, classical philosophy, theology, and history, he shares counterintuitive strategies for releasing old habits and forming new life practices, showing you how to: – Kick the habits of workaholism, success addiction, and self-objectification – Meditate on death-in order to beat fear and live well – Start a spiritual adventure – Embrace weakness in a way that turns it into strength. Change in your life is inevitable, but suffering is not. From Strength to Strength shows you how to accept the gifts of the second half of life with grace, joy, and ever deepening purpose.

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