‘Mindwandering’ exposes readers to the multi-faceted phenomenon of their wandering minds, the new and exciting research of the brain and the mind behind this default mode of ours and how we can gain some control over our mental lives. In doing so, it illustrates the rare and marvellous convergence of advanced neuroscience with ancient wisdom; cognitive psychology with creativity and mood; and the brain’s default state linked to the quality of our daily experience.

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‘An original, provocative and fascinating new theory by one of the world’s leading neuroscientists about why the mind wanders – and when and why it’s good for you’ Daniel GilbertYour brain is noisy. Certain regions are always grinding away at involuntary activities like daydreaming and intrusive thoughts – taking up to forty-seven percent of your waking time. This is mindwandering. Mindwandering is the first popular book to explore the phenomenon of our wandering minds and the cutting-edge new research behind it. Cognitive neuroscientist Moshe Bar combines his decades of research to explain the benefits and the possible cost of mindwandering within the broader context of psychology, neuroscience, psychiatry and philosophy. He provides you with practical knowledge that can help strengthen your relationships with others, increase your concentration at work and reduce your anxiety.‘Bar’s revelatory, pioneering studies are finally available for everyone to enjoy, so we can optimally direct our states of mind to better align with the moment’ David Eagleman, New York Times-bestselling author of Incognito and Livewired‘Highlights the role of mindwandering in solving problems, inducing happiness and in teaching us to bring the right mind to the right time’ Dr Nancy Etcoff, psychologist at Harvard Medical School‘A gentle and humane book that should be read by everyone interested in the human mind and the human brain’ Andy Clark, Professor of Cognitive Philosophy, University of Sussex

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