Night Of Demons & Saints Menna van Praag


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Three years ago, the sisters confronted their demon father in that strange otherworld called Everwhere. It was a battle that ended in a devastating loss, and the scars they carry seem to have slowly pushed the sisters apart. One sister, still raw with grief, is now a near recluse but determined to use her powers to resurrect what she has lost. Another has made the journey to learn more of her family, her culture and her roots.And another seems to have turned her back on what she is and opted to lead a more normal life. But now the sisters are about to be brought together once more. Because when the clock strikes midnight, when October ticks into November the sisters Grimm will turn twenty-one and reach the zenith of their powers. And on this night, at this time, in this place called Everwhere, anything is possible.

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