Nobody’S Perfect Stephanie Butland


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When her daughter was born with cystic fibrosis, Kate Micklethwaite vowed that Daisy would never be defined by the illness. Kate is determined that her perfect little girl will be known by her love of butterflies and French pastry and nothing else. Yet, somehow, Kate has started defining herself by the way other’s see her: the single parent, the source of small-town scandal, the drop-out, the former mistress; half a family. When Daisy starts at primary school Kate meets her new teacher, the kind Mr Spencer Swanson. Suddenly, with more time on her hands Kate can shift her focus from being the perfect mother 24/7 and start thinking about her own future. With her Open University dissertation deadline looming, Kate needs to decide what she wants next. As she and Spencer get to know each other, Kate notices that people are whispering behind her back once again.