Perfect Pancakes and Crepes: More Than 20 Delicious Recipes, from Pancakes, Wrap Susannah Blake



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More than 20 delicious recipes, from pancakes, wraps and fruit-filled crepes to latkes and scones, shown step by step in over 125 photographs. You can find a pancake for every taste and occasion in this charming collection of 20 enticing recipes from all around the world. Inspiring and innovative dishes include classic pancakes such as Jewish latkes and American pancakes with bacon and syrup to modern creations such as artichoke and leek crepes, ricotta pancakes with avocado salsa, and cranberry sorbet in lace pancakes. It offers a delightful introduction that includes the history of the pancake and provides a guide to making and cooking basic batters, plus fabulous ideas for simple toppings and fillings. Each mouthwatering recipe is beautifully photographed with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions plus a stunning photograph of each finished dish. Pancakes and crepes are among the most wonderfully versatile foods you can find, and every country seems to have its own version. This enchanting book opens with a fascinating journey through the history of the pancake and provides an essential guide to making simple batters, cooking pancakes, and making sumptuous toppings and fillings. The recipe collection is packed with delicious dishes from around the world, from the simplest griddle cakes topped with butter to sophisticated main-course crepes and elegant desserts. Make Russian blinis topped with sour cream and caviar to serve at a drinks party, or create a special vegetarian main course with spinach-filled herb crepes. Serve American pancakes with maple syrup and bacon for breakfast, or complete a meal with orange crepes with mascarpone cream. Whether it’s the perfect recipe for a lazy brunch, a teatime treat or an indulgent dessert, you will find inspiration in this delightful book!