Puzzles For Mindfulness Saunders (autho Eric


Release your inner calm with this collection of 160 puzzles, designed to relieve stress and promote mindful living. Puzzles are a great way of developing mindfulness. Focusing our attention on each enigma stimulates our creativity and lowers stress. We also get the added sense of accomplishment that comes from solving them. This beautifully illustrated collection includes all your favourite puzzle types, including some that may be new to you. These include:? Odd one out? Codewords? Sudoku? Arrowords? Wordsearch? Criss CrossMany of these are themed around relaxing and uplifting topics, from spring flowers to cloud formations. Scattered throughout the book you will find inspiring quotations which will take you to that happy place. Once you take up your pencil and immerse yourself in solving puzzles, your thoughts will be taken to a higher plane and your spirits will soar.