Sunshine Warm Sober Catherine Gray


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‘Stone cold sober’. Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? Hard, icy. Brrrrr. No bloody ta. However, as the millions who choose to stay sober now know, the propaganda around drinking and sobriety is wonky. Sober doesn’t feel stony, or cold. Retired wreckhead Catherine Gray, author of surprise bestseller ‘The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober’, is now in her eighth sober year and has learnt a damn sight more. This hotly anticipated sequel enlists the help of experts and case studies, turning a curious, playful gaze onto provocative questions. Is alcohol a parenting aid? Why are booze and cocaine such a horse and carriage? Once an addict, always an addict? How do you feel safe – from alcohol, others and yourself – in sobriety? Whether you’re a dedicated boozehound, flirting with teetotalling, or already sober, this witty, gritty read may just change how you think about alcohol forever.