Tads (The Anti-Delinquent System)


First day back at high school and a new Principal is in post, determined to stamp his authority on a handful of kids who are running wild, bringing his reputation and that of the school into disrepute. Meanwhile star student Erica Monroe is equally determined – her heart’s set on a place at Stanford. That fantasy of her mom actually being proud of her is strong and Erica will do whatever it takes to prove her worth to her family, her friends and most of all herself. So when Principal Blythe summons her to his office with an odd sort of deal: the prize of Stanford in exchange for acting as the eyes and ears of his Anti-Delinquent System, Erica hesitates for only a second. Problem is, chief delinquent is none other than Chase Thatcher – popular, outrageously hot, reckless, and with more charisma than is good for him.

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“I’m suggesting a deal of sorts.” Principal Blythe studies my face with intensity. Her words are slow and carefully selected. “I want you to help me expel a student, Erika.”When Erika Monroe is approached with an offer too tempting to refuse – a scholarship to her dream college – she signs up to plot the expulsion of Lindale High’s notorious flirt and rule-breaker, Chase Thatcher. Her plan is simple: catch him in an act of wrongdoing and give the principal the evidence she needs to expel him.But as Erika finds herself increasingly entangled in a web of lies, moral dilemmas, and bad behavior (not to mention those pesky feelings), it quickly becomes clear that her path to Stanford won’t be as clear-cut as she had hoped. And with Chase, being bad feels kinda good…Confronted by decisions about who she is and what she stands for, how long can Erika continue to hide behind frenemy lines?

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Young Adult / Code: C