The Great Catsby Classic Tails 2 F. Scott Fitzgerald



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CLASSIC TAILS – the greatest works of literature, as told by the finest breeds We all have our favourite classic tales; books that have been beloved to us since childhood, whose wonderful stories and rich tapestry of characters are unsurpassed in modern literature. How, you may ask, could these marvellous works ever be improved upon? Reader, ask no more…for we present The Great Catsby Millionaire Jay Catsby is a mystery. All alone in his moggy mansion, he throws extravagant parties attended by all the great and the good of the feline world. What nobody knows is that this is a kitty haunted by love – the love of a beautiful pussycat called Daisy, whom he lost to another long ago – and Catsby’s great wish is that one day she, too, might be drawn to join the festivities. When Daisy’s cousin Nick moves in next door, it seems like Catsby is a whisker away from winning back his beloved. But Daisy’s husband Tomcat has other ideas… What readers are saying about The Great Catsby: ‘Hilarious twist on a classic, filled with many much appreciated cat puns’ ‘A lovely feline version of the classic tale. Beautiful and cute images and a lot of funny cat references!’ ‘Fun book – cleverly written. 5 stars’