The Land Of Maybe Tim Ecott


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The way of life on the 18 remote, mysterious islands which make up the Faroes in the North Atlantic is a fast disappearing world. The islands are home to a small close-knit society of 50,000 people who share Viking roots and a language that is unlike any other in Scandinavia. Buffeted by the weather and the demands of a volatile natural environment, they still hunt seabirds and herd pilot whales for a significant portion of their basic food needs. Structured around the natural cycles of the year, ‘The Land of Maybe’ captures the essence of ‘slow life’: we follow the arrival of the migratory birds, the over-wintering of the sheep and the way food is gathered and eaten in tune with the seasons. This is not a travelogue, but a deeper exploration of how ‘to be’ in a tough landscape, a study of a people and a way of life that represents continuity and a deep connection to the past.