The Old Enemy Henry Porter


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Ex-MI6 officer Paul Samson prefers to work privately these days. He has been tasked with guarding a young woman, Zoe Freemantle. He doesn’t know who she is, or why she’s important, but the money’s good enough for him not to dig too deeply. He shadows Zoe, first becoming intrigued with this striking woman as he observes her movements around London. He’s just beginning to tire of a job he considers beneath him, when a watcher disguised as a homeless man attempts to abduct Zoe at knife point before his eyes. In the ensuing fracas, she escapes, while Samson wishes he’d asked more questions. When his former colleague, Robert Harland, is assassinated, the news comes with the threat that Samson’s own life – and that of others he holds dear – is on the line. Samson is sure he knows why there’s a target on his back. What he doesn’t know is who put it there.