By Lonely Planet

Be inspired and empowered by this collection of transformative travel experiences. From sleeping under the stars or learning a new craft, to more ambitious challenges like taking a big trip alone, helping to rebuild a community or saving an endangered species, this is your essential companion to a life well-lived. Each experience in this feel-good bucket list is enriching in some way, whether it’s about forging a stronger connection with the natural world, helping the planet, or better understanding yourself.

From the easily attainable to the aspirational, the variety of goals makes it easy to create a set that’s right for you. Every goal is accompanied by recommendations about where to try it, as well as websites and information to ensure each one is achievable. The life-enhancing goals in this book include: Travelling spontaneously, Embracing the off season, Retracing the steps of history, Being a tourist in your own country, Making a pilgrimage, Having adventures with your children, Learning from indigenous cultures, Spending a night in the jungle, Taking the slow road, Becoming an ocean defender, Embracing your sexuality, Meditating with masters, Taking a big trip alone, Making an epic overland journey, Giving a year of your life to others, Helping a community to rebuild.

Travel Goals is available in hardback for £19.99.

By Aaron Reynolds

Have you ever looked a bird dead in the eye and wondered what it was thinking? With Effin’ Birds, the most eagerly anticipated new volume in the noble avocation of bird identification, you can venture into nature with confidence. This farcical field guide will help you identify over 200 birds, but more importantly, for the first time in history, it will also help you understand what these birds are thinking: The vainglorious grebe is acutely aware of its own magnificence.

The hipster pelican thinks the world is a sh*tbarge. The overbearing heron wishes you better luck next time, f*cknuts. The counsellor swallow wants you to maybe try not being a d*ckhead. … and many, many more.

Alongside beautiful, scientifically accurate illustrations and a whole lot of swearing is incisive commentary on modern life and the world we, as humans, must navigate. Or maybe it’s just some pictures of effin’ birds, okay?

A less than serious collection of birds with obscene attributes is available in hardback for £14.99.